Recycling big bags

Recycling  big bags means reconditioning bags in order to obtain a secure container (reconditioned and repaired), cleaning residues of previous uses by vacuum and it ready to be reused. Refurbishment of big bags reduce your costs regarding packaging as well as environmental impact. 
– Some of the big bag type container (Super Sack) can be reconditioned and reused which represents a substantial saving with every use.


– Whether it is customer convenience of transport, maintenance of a stock of bags for fast delivery and execution of complex orders, Raficon Trade together with our partner, the logistics company is ready to solve the problems you face. 
– Procedures for delivery in accordance with your requirements as part of a delivery Just-In-Time or simply expedition at big bag sites that you need in different parts of the country or world and drafting the documentation required for international transport are things that you can assign to us.

Testing and certification

– Providing  custom made or stock samples for testing is a service available to our customers.The customer can test at own facility a standard big bag construction or own design using  the help of our experts.The bag can then submitted to a test house for certificatios. UN ,static dissipative,working load tests and other type of tests are available .

New product development

– When a classic bag does not give the expected results, Raficon Trade will help you design an innovative new product that is outside our production standards for an unique applicable products .In our assessment we take into account criteria such as: product compatibility, density of bulk product , the method of loading and handling , to provide the customer the best solution for their aplication.The development of a new product includes modifying an existing product by research and implementation of an alternative material, development of new loading systems , specific new product and product testing laboratory