It is the most popular model and it is used by most industries. In versatile construction of 4 side and the bottom  or the  U + 2  construction type, the bag  is available in  other versions of  construction types specifically requested by the customer. Our  stock contains a variety of models for various applications.
Depending on the required capacity bag can accommodate up to 2000 kg of a product having a breaking strength of 5:1 .
Upon request the  bag can be laminated or non-laminated, equipped with dust proof cord  (product fine-grained),  innerliner from polyethylene or aluminum for more details please visit our  

Bulk Bag constructed from ventilated (perforated) fabric for agricultural products (potatoes, onions) wood products (chips) etc. More details in page  design.

Big Bag rectangular interior architecture is a model that has  become quite common nowadays among users who are aware of its  advantages.  The stability of this type of big  bag is increased by adding partitions (baffles) in the interior of the bag over the standard construction. The stability of the bag is higher than that of a conventional big bag and makes possible  a considerable improvement in the use of space during transportation or storage.
To watch the advantages of this bag please refer to page : model
Big bags of this type are available for standard-size Euro pallets or other sizes that are required.

Offers ideal conditions for the transport of liquids or products containing lichid.Liquidtainer consists of an outer layer of strength and innerPE liner, wood pallet and steel support fram.The big bag components can be be assembled by a knowlegeable person in less than a minute.

Big Bag  carrier of meat.The containerul of this type weighs less than 5 kg is fully equipped and can be made to work with equipment meat processors without major changes. This bag raise awareness of hygiene by eliminating contamination with wood and cardboard in packaging areas procesare.The weight reduced significantly  will lower the transport costs by allowing the transport of increased cargo volume .For more details about this system please contact.

Raficon Trade offers a complete and highly effective for waste management for both municipalities as well as for companies or individuals .Pentru more information please  contact.

Are used for products with high risk of explosion in the chemical industry where static electricity occurs .In connection with conductive handles the conductive fabric of the bag sends static charges  into the ground  through the conductive strips of the bag preventing any unpleasant effects. Electrostatic discharge both inside as well as outside is guaranteed by microperforation of the fabric laminationa and it is  connected by conductive strips to the grounding area.The process is safe and ideally provide electrostatic dissipation.

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